Persuasive Paragraphs

  • Persuasive – a persuasive paragraph tells your opinion about something and tries to get the reader to agree with you
  •  The students are working on developing a stronger vocabulary (use a thesaurus), including complex ideas and explaining their thinking using examples.  It is always a good idea to encourage more explanation.
  • Examples of Persuasive paragraphs:

    Skateboarding in the Halls

         Why can’t we skateboard in the halls?  I think we should be able to skateboard in the halls because then we would be more active.  It would help us get to class quicker.  We could learn about teaching by demonstrating how to do tricks to younger students.  We could have competitions with other schools.  It could be part of gym class.  Some kids who walk to school could skateboard instead so they won’t be late as often.  We could help teachers too by helping them move things using our skateboards.  Students should have permission to use skateboards in the halls.

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    7 Responses to Persuasive Paragraphs

    1. sherry lesa java says:

      to the author of No homework I agree with you because I always do my homework at school.

    2. Milton Shil says:

      I agree with you…Homework kills our leisure time and peace of mind.


    4. judy says:

      i totally agree

    5. Lynn Jammaz says:

      well said!

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