Griffin Road Trip

The Griffin was invited on a road trip to the new Conference Centre to particpate in a conference lead by the board.  It was the ‘Lead the Way to Creativity’ conference, and the Griffin seemed to have a good time.

Steve, running down the hallway!

Steve peeking in the office… looking for a hall pass. 

Running away from the custodian!

Checking out the computer lab.

“Yeah, I can blog,” says Steve.

“Where has everybody gone?”

Having a lie-down in the van.

“If I could only close my eyes…”

Posing with a fan.

Checking out the view.

With Mr. Wendler.

From the 4th floor.

“Hey I can see Parliament Hill!”

A little tired after a long evening.

“Home James.”

And now he’s back at the school!


3 Responses to Griffin Road Trip

  1. Brenda Kahler says:

    Congrats to the students for creating this wonderful school mascot.

    ‘Steve’ is awesome. My staff think so too!

    Well done creators of ‘Steve’, long may he live at ACES!

  2. Brenda Kahler says:

    Hi Mr Wendler

    when will ‘Steve’ be able to have his wings on?


    • mrwendler says:

      They should be up for artrageous (next Thursday). Steve is hiding somewhere in the building at the moment, and the wings can’t be attached if he still needs to be moved. Very exciting though!

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