Social Studies / Science

Social Studies, Grades 4 and 5 
The expectations for social studies for Grades 1 to 6 are organized into two strands:  “Heritage and Citizenship” and “Canada and World Connections”. The topics treated in each strand are listed below.   
Heritage and Citizenship – Grade 4: Medieval Times; Grade 5: Early Civilizations 

Canada and World Connections – Grade 4: Canada’s Provinces,Territories, and Regions;  Grade 5: Aspects of Citizenship and Government in Canada  

 Science – The science and technology curriculum expectations are organized in four strands, which are the major areas of knowledge and skills in the science and technology curriculum.  The four strands are as follows:

Understanding Life Systems –  Grade 4:  Habitats and Communities; Grade 5:  Human Organ Systems

Understanding Structures and Mechanisms – Grade 4:  Pulleys and Gears;  Grade 5: Forces Acting on Structures and Mechanisms

Understanding Matter and Energy – Grade 4:  Light and Sound; Grade 5:  Properties of and Changes in Matter  

Understanding Earth and Space Systems – Grade 4: Rocks and Minerals;  Grade 5:  Conservation of Energy and Resources


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