The Griffin

We have been inspired to attempt to create a sculpture.  Having worked so well together on the mural, we have embarked on a daring project; to build a school mascot.  What is our school mascot, you ask?  Why, the mighty GRIFFIN.  We (mainly “I”) don’t really know what we are doing, but we are up for the challenge.  The end product will hopefully be a paper mache creation, that looks something like half-lion, half-eagle “ish” creature.  But regardless of what the outcome is (no matter how monstrous), it should be a great learning experience… for all of us! 🙂 )

We are looking for donations, if you have any of these things lying around the house:

  • bag of flour
  • extra duct tape
  • extra painters tape
  • newspaper
  • a few 2L cartons of milk or juice (empty and rinsed)
  • 2 ping-pong balls
  • a few large plastic yogurt containers
  • a few 2L plastic pop bottles

They would be much appreciated.

Our inspirational picture:

Our first step, some wood for a frame:

Our second step, the frame stands up:

What’s to come?  Who knows, but it will be fun!

Hmmm… ?

and so it grows…

The haunches of the lion…

Interesting… really needs a head though.  And wings… anyone have any ideas about how we can make wings?

For the head we used an old plastic plate, some yogurt containers, the plastic mat used under a dish rack, styrofoam balls, plastic bags, newspaper and tape. 

The head is then attached…

And then a front leg and claw…

I don’t think I like that it stares at my desk 🙂

The last claw, some more tape, and we’re ready for the papier-mache.

Papier-mache begins!

Our first coat of papier-mache is pretty much done.  Second layer is next!  (It’s a bit slow going at this point). 

Jan 6 – The griffin has about 2 1/2 coats of papier-mache now and we will soon focus on the wings.  I tried to experiment over the holidays using nylons and wire coat-hangers, but did not have much success.  Another idea was suggested to me, using material and cut up plastic bottles (as feathers, but with some 3-dimensionality.  I played with it a little and it seemed to have a nice affect, so we will be working on the wings in class now. 

The skeleton of one wing:

Adding some material (an old bed sheet):

Now we need to cut up some plastic bottles to make feathers, glue them on the wing, a little spray paint, and voila.  Lets see how it goes!

Painting is beginning:

A little more paint…

A lot of plastic water bottles have been cut up for this wing… now we need more for the next one!

With a snow day at the school students got an opportunity to work on the sculpture!

Adding a few details.

The finished product:


5 Responses to The Griffin

  1. Brenda Kahler says:

    This is emergent curriculum at its finest. This is what we do in the child care centre downstairs.
    After you mache the form you should add some maribo feathers!

  2. Brenda Kahler says:

    Hi Michael,
    The staff at the daycare would love to see ‘Steve’ ! Can we organize a field trip sometime soon, before his road trip.

    please let us know,

    Brenda Kahler

    • mrwendler says:

      Absolutely. But don’t worry about the road trip, it will be a short one. ‘Steve’ is expected to return within a day or two. After that, with a little luck, he will be set up in the lobby, with wings attached.

  3. Jennifer says:

    I love “Steve” and with the wings it will look great!!!!

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