Procedural writing

We have been looking at procedural writing lately, having discussions about what it is, where it is found, and what it is used for.  The 4 parts of procedural writing are:

For homework the students have been asked to fill in a procedural writing sheet, with something they are good at.  Also they have been asked to look at home for some examples of procedural writing at home, that they can bring into the class.

April 7: We have been working on our procedural writing, and having some fun.  We have many examples on our wall now of how people “tell us what to do”. 🙂

We are currently working on a fun assignment (the students should be brining there first drafts home soon (tomorrow?) to iron them out).  Here is the assignment and the assessment rubric:

I have to make a what – Assignment 2
I Have to Make a WHAT – procedure worksheet
Procedural Writing Assignment assessment rubric


3 Responses to Procedural writing

  1. kendrafgrant says:

    Hi! I am writing an article for ISTE ( on AR. I’d like to have one of the links in my example image go to the procedure worksheet you have listed here. I’ve put your name on it and a link here at the bottom of the page. Is that okay?

  2. kendrafgrant says:

    Thanks! I’ll send you a link to the article when it’s published.

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